When it comes to a digital marketing strategy, personalising your customer experience is important. Potential customers are looking for something specific, and with paid search, you can carefully craft your display to be as appealing, personable and relevant as possible.

One great way of doing so is to take advantage of Google’s new AdWords Extensions, which allow you to add additional information to your ad to encourage customers to click. Here, we’ve rounded up five ways to add a personal touch to your advertising using the new feature.

Use a site link

Site links allow you to add additional links to your ad, and can make you more personable. Whether you add a link to your social media channel and ask your visitors to stop by and say hello, or you use a sales-pitch-style tagline, you’ll be able to get more bang for your advertising buck.

Social media extensions

Social extensions will appear on your advert as long as you have a Google+ page, and are a great way to show that you are well-respected and liked by individuals across the globe.

Add a callout

Callouts are perfect for complementing websites links, and speak directly to what your searcher is looking for. Coupled with links, callouts provide more relevance and authority and make the advert more appealing, engaging and useful to both your company and your audience.

Take advantage of reviews

There’s nothing quite as personal as a review, and with AdWords, you can easily add your product and service reviews into your campaign from third party websites. Having reviews in your ad not only shows potential customers a testimony of positive experiences, but it showcases the pride and confidence you have in your product and your existing customer base.

Let them call you

A phone extension will allow users to call you directly, providing a more personal experience than a contact form or a live chat popup. Having your phone number in your advert gives customers the confidence in your product or service, and makes your advertising more personable.