The advent of a new year seems like a convenient time to judge where you are in life and should go next. Perhaps you want to do something new, trim excess flab or simply make a much better impression. Well, you can actually do all three with your website!

However, whereas you will obviously be able to tell when, as a person, you’re unfit or aren’t pulling your weight in the right areas, it’s trickier to make similar assessments with your website’s content. That’s where the importance of a content audit comes into play.

What do you want to achieve?

Whatever your goals, they need to be specific and clear. Attracting more visitors to your site is an obvious objective, but consider how you can go about that. Perhaps you would like to achieve higher rankings in search engines or generate more leads that can be converted into paying customers.

How does your current content fare?

If there are any particular gaps in your content strategy, those could become more evident as you gather all of your webpages’ URLs. Each piece of content should be titled in a way clarifying what it is about, easing your efforts to discern whether you are reaching out to all of your target audiences.

What should be removed and what should be improved?

Maybe a blog post explaining how to use a particular app is out of date, since the app itself has since been overhauled. That piece would be a good candidate for updating. Perhaps a landing page looks sloppily written – in which case, consider getting it rewritten. 

Certain pieces, meanwhile, might warrant outright deletion, especially if they duplicate too much information from elsewhere on the site. All of this refining and pruning can benefit your SEO, with which our marketing agency could further help you.