If you’ve reached the summit of Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs), you have probably invested a lot of time and money into getting there. However, letting up with your SEO drive could see your site’s listing slipping from the first page, a fate akin to a football club’s relegation.

Here’s how you can build on your good work by preserving your site’s prized first-page placing. After all, many people looking for the “best” site probably won’t even venture to the second page…

Keep low-quality or broken links at bay

One risk of “link exchanges” – in other words, agreeing to link to a particular site provided that they link to you – is that they can lumber your site with too many links scarcely even relevant to your own site’s purpose and content. Google looks dimly on such a mess and so penalises sites guilty of it.

Ultimately, you should link to resources that would be genuinely useful to your visitors. Also, don’t leave excessive broken links on your site; after all, those are hardly user-friendly, either!

Speed up your website’s loading times

In a competitive marketplace packed with other sites, your target visitors can be fickle and so quickly abandon your site if it takes at least five seconds to load or fails to load at all. Therefore, check that your website’s host is capable of handling the level of traffic you want.

Leave “no index” tags off worthy web pages

A web page tagged with “no index” will be ignored by Google, so you should make sure that only those pages showing excessive useless information have “no index” tags.

Unsure exactly where and when you should use those tags? An SEO expert from our team here at Jumping Spider Media can help if you dial 020 3070 1959.