If you’re using Google AdWords or considering using it as part of your company’s online advertising effort, it’s fair to say that you’re not alone – but so much competition only increases the importance of spending your money wisely. That means swerving well clear of those ‘beginner’ mistakes.

What mistakes are those? Well, with only 70 characters to play with in your advert, it’s vital to succinctly communicate your company or campaign’s unique selling point. Is there a limited-time-only sale going on? Are you offering free delivery? Perhaps customers can get 50 per cent off their first order? Whatever your USP is, it needs to be made absolutely clear.

Money is all-important in advertising

Be wary, too, of overspending, as becomes very easy once you venture into multiple targeting campaigns. Oh, and given the great amount of money that advertising costs, you should always set a campaign end date, even if you aren’t basing your advertising around a specific time-based event. When writing your ad, keep your message clear and uncomplicated to maximise those clicks, and always ensure that your ad copy or header includes one of your main keywords.

But on the subject of keywords, be wary of including too many in your campaign, as this will increase the cost of your ads while not making them very well targeted. Your call to action also needs to be obvious, and you should never assume that Google AdWords is just about ‘spraying and praying’. It’s a tool that can actually be extremely powerful if used well.

Does this all seem a bit intimidating? If so, don’t worry. Just contact Jumping Spider Media, and we’ll help you to begin making the most of your own Google AdWords campaign.