Success in social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve probably heard or read a similar mantra about digital marketing more generally, but it’s especially worth emphasising about social media, which often caters for our thirst for instant gratification.

Of course, your customers often want to save time and are willing to spend big on products or services that help them to do that. However, problems can too easily arise when business leaders, similarly impatiently, itch for results straight away, not at some unknown later time.

But the “unknown” part of the equation is inescapable with social media marketing, as success here is – to use another analogy – an art, not a science. In other words, results aren’t guaranteed, but you can nudge yourself in such a direction as to make them likelier to arise.

Work on long-lasting campaigns, not just profiles

One big mistake you can make is to polish up a social media profile, fill it with your firm’s details – including its name, address and contact details – and graphics, and then leave it in the hope that the visitors will simply start coming. Instead, you need to be actively marketing on an ongoing basis.

This means regularly posting fresh, interesting material – such as videos, infographics, polls and the like – to your social media feeds and engaging with your followers. Along the way, you should continue adhering to your brand voice while keeping your company’s defined objectives in mind.

Remember to keep updating your knowledge, too

If you’re feeling naive about social media marketing and how to do it right, don’t be afraid to seek assistance from professionals who do have the relevant knowledge. You can find social media experts right here at Jumping Spider Media; just phone 020 3070 1959 to get in touch with them.