Social media, eh? The thing that arguably makes it most useful for your target audience – the fact that it typically takes the form of a continually updated stream of content for your followers to consume – is also likely to be what makes it especially exhausting for you to manage.

The fact is, if you treat your brand’s Facebook or Instagram pages like a homepage or ‘About Us’ page – in other words, the kind of page you might not need to update for months – you’re unlikely to get good results from it.

Doing this will simply give the impression to any visitors that your organisation isn’t bothered about keeping its social media presence updated. This, in turn, might imply you also aren’t interested in keeping abreast of the latest developments in your industry, and telling your audiences about them.

So, let’s assume that you definitely do want to keep your brand’s social media pages infused with new, interesting and relevant content. What strategies will help you devise content ideas, so that neither you nor your followers ever get bored?

Don’t feel pressure to always create content from scratch

One of the good things about social media marketing for brands, is that it doesn’t always have to involve generating original content from nothing. After all, there’s a lot of other content out there – news articles, how-to guides, technical information, and so on – from other sources online.

An effective social media campaign is likely to involve balancing creation with curation. By the latter, we mean such things as finding articles, videos, and other relevant content elsewhere, and sharing it with your audience, while adding your own original interpretation or comments to it.

Follow other relevant media sources

Building on the aforementioned tip, you’ll likely never be short of inspiration if you’re constantly keeping an eye on other sources of possible content for your brand’s social media channels.

Your eye might have already been caught by certain relevant brands, organisations or influencers, to the extent that you are already following them on your own firm’s social media accounts. Or you might look to subscribe to certain email newsletters or blogs, or keep some industry-relevant websites in your browser’s ‘favourites’ section for reference later.

Having a rich network of content to which to refer like this will give you a ‘pool’ from which you can pick subjects, trends or news developments to address on your brand’s social media profiles.

Be organised about how you manage your content

Are you only publishing new updates on your social channels when you have the time to do so, or when an especially relevant idea for such a post pops up in your head? If so, your brand’s social presence might come across as a little uncoordinated and disorganised.

Fortunately, just a few small changes can help you correct this situation. You might keep a list of content ideas, for instance, to which you add whenever new ideas come to mind. This will also assist you in planning out your social media posts, including ensuring you post the most suitable content for particular times of year.

Are you ready to get more out of your organisation’s social media activity, this year and beyond? If so, the Jumping Spider Media team would be pleased to discuss how we can help your brand realise its social media marketing objectives to support your business growth.