With 600 million active users and counting, Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks. Using the platform to promote your products makes sense – especially as visual content marketing is on the up in 2017. But how do you convert your Instagram followers into customers? We’ve put together four ways you can do so below.

Use calls to action

Although Instagram is focused around images rather than clicking links, it’s still possible to use calls to action in your posts. By carefully wording your marketing efforts, you can get followers to visit your website, buy your products and engage with your brand.

Make it natural

While promoting your products is important, aim to make your Instagram channel natural. Sales-based content has a time and a place, but mix your messages with informal content that shows your product and brand in the best possible light. Whether that’s a snap from the office, a photograph of your working lunch or a video of your product development, combining content with sales is the best way to boost engagement levels.

Use a ‘Shop Now’ button

If you’re using Instagram to post images of your products, you can make it easier for consumers to buy your products by adding a Shop Now button to your posts. More shoppers than ever are making big-ticket purchases from their smartphones, so implementing a ‘buy now’ strategy is an excellent way to boost sales.

Promote a discount

As any e-commerce business owner will know, getting visitors to commit to their first purchase can be a challenge. By offering a discount, coupon or promo code, you can give potential customers a reason to try your products. Pair together attractive photography with typography to promote your discount code, and make it time-sensitive if you want to add urgency and increase the likelihood of a sale.

There you have it – four ways to convert your Instagram followers into customers. At Jumping Spider Media, we offer a full social media management service and bring both sales-based and engagement-based content to your channels. Get in touch today to find out more.