A landing page is a one that receives traffic from anywhere apart from other pages on your website. These are visitors coming from social media, emails, PPC campaigns, and organic search, for example, who are directed to a range of different landing pages. A good landing page will encourage conversions and are tailored towards exactly what the visitor is looking for. Landing pages allow you to separate visitors and direct them towards specific information.


A good landing page is specific, free of distracting information and is focused towards a desired action. The headline should immediately capture the attention of your viewer and will have easy steps to conversion. The design should be minimal, and the page should direct the viewers and tell them exactly what to do on the page, such as fill in a form. A successful page uses trust signals such as badges, icons, and testimonials in order to reassure viewers.

Having a specific landing page will reduce the bounce rate as viewers will find exactly what they are looking for. In order to tailor your landing page to a particular visitor, you need to consider their intentions. Think about how and why they came to this landing page. Someone who has reached your site via social media might prefer a visuals or a video, for example.

Use visuals

Visual elements are a successful way of improving your landing page conversion rates. You could include data driven visuals, such as graphs and charts, and video tutorials to support the text. Screenshots of apps and testimonials are also important for building trust. Try include real photos of real people where you can; you could even show photos of your clients alongside their testimonials.

How to check its working

Use Google Analytics to test your landing page as from this you can determine which pages have poor conversion rates and which are a success. Take into account the bounce rate, the average visit duration, the percentage of new visits and live chat engagements. You can adapt your pages according to the best results. What you define as a conversion can vary, but Google Analytics can give you a good idea of which pages are and aren’t working.

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