If you want your e-commerce business to succeed, you need to recognise that every visitor matters. Every time somebody visitors your website, you have an opportunity to make a sale; however, encouraging a visitor to stop looking and start buying can be more challenging than first thought, so we’ve put together five popular tactics to drive more visitors to buy before they click the ‘X’.

Add an entrance popup                                                

One of the simplest tactics for converting visitors into customers is to implement an entrance popup to your website. Focusing on a special offer, welcoming a customer to your website for the first time or offering a discount code for a first-time purchase is a great way to make people excited about buying something from your website, and can be an effective way to nudge visitors into buying.

Be proactive with your customer service

Offering a great customer service should already be a part of your business operation, but being proactive is a great way to build trust and encourage visitors to make a purchase. Offer a live chat option on your products pages, have clear contact information and include FAQ sections on your product pages to give users the right information to make a decision.

Add a guest checkout

Nobody wants to spend their time filling in endless forms on your website, so allow a purchasing mode which incorporates a service like PayPal for a stress-free checkout experience. Of course, getting information about your customers is important, but an initial sale is much more important.

Abandoned cart email

If you can’t get visitors to commit to sale but they’re adding items to their basket, then sending a follow-up abandoned cart email can help remind and encourage customers to make a purchase.

Use urgency statements                                                

Using urgency and scarcity statements is a great way to drive people into making a purchase, and works effectively well on e-commerce websites. Using language such as ‘sale ends soon’ or ‘only two more in stock’ will encourage people to buy now.

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