Google AdWords may very well have been part of the digital marketing landscape for more than ten years, but that doesn’t mean marketers are optimising their campaigns effectively to achieve the best results. Below, we’ve put together four ways that you can get more out of your advertising campaigns this year.

Optimise your advertising copy

Optimising your copy is the best way to increase your clicks and conversion rates, so learn how to use expanded text ads and ad extensions to improve engagement levels. Although there are various extensions you can use to add more words to your campaign, you should craft your copy carefully so that you don’t waste any space.

Target on your location

The location is one of the most important parts of paid search, so you should take advantage of the area-specific features in AdWords. You can specify your campaign to specific locations – such as the town, city and post code, and you can even pin-drop if you want to target a particular area. This is the best way to target local customers and get ahead of competitors.

Schedule your campaigns

In a similar vein to bidding on keywords, you should consider scheduling your adverts to only show at particular times of the day. If you run a local business, for example, then you could limit your advert’s reach to between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Just go to ‘Search Network Only’ >> ‘All Features’ >> ‘Settings’ >> ‘Ad Schedule’ to turn this on.

Use an extension

AdWords Extensions can make your campaigns bigger, give you more room to play around with text and offer the opportunity to highlight the features of your products or services. You could add a location extension or a call extension so that people can get in touch with your brand immediately. Don’t overdo it, though. Choose them wisely for the best results.

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