You can’t avoid link building when you’re trying to boost your site’s search engine rankings. The right links to your website, from the right people, are worth their weight in SEO gold – but of course, they’re also notoriously difficult to obtain.

This is where it’s so important to know the difference between ‘white hat’ (ethical) and ‘black hat’ (unethical) SEO techniques. You might get results faster with black hat tactics, but they’re also likely to land you with a penalty or seven from Google.

There’s always a fine balance to strike between white hat and black hat tactics, so what are the methods to avoid, and which ones are ethical and will get you sustained results?

Distinguishing between white hat and black hat

Classic black hat tactics include (but are not limited to) article syndication, paying for links and commenting on forums or articles with a link to your site. But even with the common white hat techniques, it’s all-important to take the right approach.

When building directory links, for example, you will need to swerve clear of the link farm directories that simply ask for money in exchange for a link to your site. Instead, look for directories that are relevant to your sector.

Similarly, if guest blogging interests you, you should never offer site owners money for an in-content link. Your focus should actually be on making clear the real value that your guest blog post would have for the given website and its readers.

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