If you have ever Googled a question and been presented with the answer at the summit of the search page, thus saving you needing to even click through to a website, you have come across a Google answer box. Your site can richly benefit from its own information landing in an answer box.

However, getting your site there can be much easier said than done – especially as you aren’t strictly guaranteed a slot there simply because your site is ranked first in relevant search results. An answer box is deemed “rank zero” – and delivers a much better average click-through rate than rank one.

For rank zero, look for questions with zero answers

Relying on traditional SEO methods to bring your site to rank one wouldn’t necessarily suffice for landing it in the answer box as well. Nonetheless, the site would need to be ranked at least in the top five. To reach such a position, you should have at least 1,000 referring domains.

Furthermore, consider what specific question you would like your content to answer. As each search has just a single answer box, you would benefit from looking for a search that currently lacks one. Keyword research can help you discern questions not currently served by an answer box.

Prize quality over quantity in your content

Once you have a particular page answering the question to which you have narrowed down your focus, keep that page’s content within 2,000 words which still deliver considerable value. Google looks favourably on authoritative sites that provide relevant and valuable information.

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