Last year, we discussed the introduction of Rank 0 – that is, results that show up on Google’s results pages above the traditional 1-10 websites that rank on the first page. Position 0 is now one of the most sought after ranking spots on Google in its Answer Boxes feature. Results that feature in these boxes are prominent, attention-grabbing and much more likely to be clicked on than any other result. But how can you increase your chances of appearing in one of the Answer Boxes? We’ve put together three ways you can do so.

Structure your data correctly

Structuring your data using order lists, unordered lists, paragraphs, data in tables and headings is the best way to increase your chances of landing a spot at the top. To optimise a list, make sure you include a heading above the list, giving it a title that closely matches the keyword that you’d like to rank for. This will give Google the biggest indicator that you’re answering the user’s query in the best possible way, increasing your chances of Position 0.

Don’t give everything away

Google’s Answer Boxes, to some digital marketers, are a controversial topic. Google is scraping your content and allowing it to appear on its results page, and, in some cases, means that users won’t click through to your website at all. Make sure you don’t give everything away when writing content for answer boxes – include a couple of extra steps in your lists, so Google adds a ‘More items…’ link that goes straight to your website.

Get Google to crawl your website

If you’ve made the suggested changes and believe that your content is worthy of featuring in an answer box, then head to the Search Console and Fetch as Google. If your content is Answer Box worthy, then the search engine could feature you on its next crawl.

Bear in mind that your website will already need to have high ranking signals, like backlinks and high-quality content, for you to appear in Position 0. This guide won’t help you go from position 200 to position 0 overnight unless you’ve produced a highly useful piece of content that ranks fast for a particular keyword.

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