Given the abundance of negative news that spreads on Facebook and Twitter, it shouldn’t surprise that many people have flocked to the cuddlier world of Instagram, with its images of cute babies, kittens and artwork. The site now has 800 million monthly active users.

Plus, its Snapchat-like feature Instagram Stories is surprisingly business-friendly. Here are some tips for using it well.

Promote special offers

With Instagram Stories, you can post photos and videos that will disappear 24 hours later. This impermanence creates a sense of urgency for Instagram users to view the content – and this can work especially well in tandem with the publicising of special offers.

You could post an Instagram Story with a discount coupon and a note indicating that it will expire at the same time as the story itself.

Provide more insight into your company

It’s often eye-opening for customers when they see what goes on behind the scenes – and you can give them that insight through the medium of Instagram Stories.

For example, you could show how the glamorous pictures for a recent marketing campaign were captured in exotic overseas locations. Another option is revealing how your staff handle moving offices – many viewers could congratulate you on the move.

Show how your products are put together

This ties in with the previous point, but it can undoubtedly fascinate to see how a product goes from an early design sketch right through to something tangible, polished and fully-formed that the customer can buy right now. Showing this process behind the product can also foster trust.

Preparing to announce a new product? You could first use Instagram Stories to provide a sneak peek. We can help you hone your Instagram arsenal – and you can contact us by phone on 020 3070 1959 for further details about how.