Running a business in multiple locations poses a challenge when it comes to SEO. Whether you run geographically disparate restaurants of a large chain, multiple offices to reach out to various publishing markets, or another kind of multi-location firm, here’s what you should do…

Connect with the local market

Customers feel comfortable dealing with a local brand. If your company offers its services in a particular area but lacks a strong presence there, it could come across as a soulless corporate behemoth rather than a friendly firm in tune with local people’s specific needs.

It may therefore be a good idea to give each of your company’s locations its own web page. Otherwise, you might not stand much chance of appearing in Google searches focused on local services.

Content isn’t just king – it’s the viceroy

As it does on a national scale, content marketing powerfully influences your online prominence locally, but you should be careful to cleverly tailor your content marketing efforts to each market.

Remember that Google takes a dim view of duplicate content – so make sure each location’s web page includes content specifically relevant to the local market. You should also throw in local keywords, albeit not to the extent of “keyword stuffing”, to land places in local searches.

Don’t neglect to tap into Google My Business

As the Google My Business tool influences how the search giant indexes and ranks brands for search results, you shouldn’t forgo inputting information about your own business into this tool. This way, you can get your site ranking for not only search, but also Google Maps.

The official Google My Business site specifies how you can give each outlet its own listing – but if you run into any difficulties, keep in mind that our SEO gurus here at Jumping Spider Media are at hand if you dial 020 3070 1959.