As the world prepares to usher in a whole new decade, the 2020s, it’s a good time to look again at your marketing approach and decide whether it needs updating for the new age. This applies even if you run a small business – you don’t need to spend big to win big. Here are some strategies that even cash-strapped businesses could especially benefit from utilising.

Spread your reach on social media

Even if you have already established a social media presence – as, indeed, it can seem like every other company and its dog has – you might not have yet tapped into the full potential of your social media channels, whether they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else.

For example, the phenomenon of “influencers” might have eluded your notice. An influencer is someone capable of leveraging their large social media following to attract more attention to your products or services. If your marketing has hit a roadblock, an influencer could help you to overcome it.

Switch more of your customer support to the online sphere

You may be surprised by how many people are reluctant to speak on the phone to get their grievance about a particular company resolved. This is why, if many of your customer service channels are currently phone-based, you should consider digitising them where practically possible.

Another advantage of this change is that you could even set up chatbots capable of intelligently interacting with customers – and in this way, helping them without your direct intervention. Just consider what we’ve recently written on this blog about the benefits of Facebook Messenger chatbots, for example.

Our social media marketing gurus can get a customer service chatbot up and running for your company’s customers to use. Simply call us on 020 3070 1959 today for friendly and jargon-free advice.