Naturally, when someone needs to find a business like yours, they are likely to consult Google. However, once they have inputted a search term, the searcher might first look not to the resulting list of website addresses but instead any business profile that sits above that. 

That business profile will be there due to a little feature called Google My Business, which enables entrepreneurs to give their businesses their own prominently-displayed profiles in Google research results. Here is how you can make especially good use of GMB for own organisation. 

Has your company got its own Google My Business profile?

If not, you can register and set one up in a few simple steps. With a free-to-obtain Google account, log into the Google My Business page and then fill out your GMB profile with a range of details – including your company’s name (correctly spelt, of course), address, phone number and website link.   

Google does demand that you verify your local listing, and you can do so by arranging for a verification PIN to be sent to you through the post. 

Tweak the textual descriptions – where you can

The short description of your organisation beneath its name on the listing is actually Google-created – and, fortunately, it’s likely to be punchy and easy to read anyway. 

You can, however, write the “from the business” section later down the profile – and that’s what you should do. Don’t be afraid to use up your entire 750-character allocation limit here, and put all of your keywords in the description’s first 250 characters. You should also add some high-quality photos to your GMB profile to make it more eye-catching. If you need a little extra guidance on how to perfect that listing, our SEO specialists would be happy to have a chat with you over the phone on 020 8089 4404.