Placing specific, well-chosen keywords into various bodies of text on a website is a fundamental aspect of effective SEO. However, with SEO experts regularly uncovering new ways of putting keywords to good promotional use, and Google often changing the influencing factors on how it ranks different websites and webpages, you could be excused for confusion about what particular keywords you should use for your own website.

Group keywords that are very similar

If your company stocks red carpets intended for business premises, you could use both the keywords ‘red carpet for a business’ and ‘red carpets for companies’. However, you shouldn’t expect these two keywords to differ much in the types of people they can attract to your website and their overall effectiveness when used for SEO. Hence, it can be wise to group keywords like these to ensure that you use them in place of, rather than in addition to, each other.

Opt for relevant, not simply popular, keywords

Don’t assume that a keyword shouldn’t be used just because there isn’t a lot of search traffic for it. You should consider what keywords your target customers would use when searching for a company like yours, rather than just keywords that are generally popular.