Google has announced it is testing its mobile-first index, which is designed to put more emphasis on the mobile version of your website for its ranking signals. If you want to maximise your chances of search engine success, follow these top tips for optimising your website for a mobile-first world.

Fix your speed

Speed has long been a factor in search engine optimisation, but a mobile-first index makes this even more of a priority. Optimise your images, minify code, leverage browser caching and reduce redirects on your website.

Don’t block your images or CSS

Although blocking elements like CSS, JavaScript and images was once an essential part of mobile browser optimisation, mobile technology has changed. Don’t hide important elements of your website like CSS and images, as this could have an effect on your rankings.

Have a mobile-first design

You should already be aware of the benefits of a responsive design, but this is only part of a mobile-first design. Avoid flash, as this is not supported by some operating systems, and get rid of any pop-ups on your pages. Try to design pages for the finger – accidental taps are annoying, so make scrolling, clicking and navigating through your website as simple as possible on mobile and tablets.

Get local                                                             

Google’s Possum update brought with it changes to the local search algorithm, so adapt to the changes by optimising your website for local traffic.

Include your city in your title tag, URL, H1 heading, content, alt tags and meta description, and ensure you include your business name, phone number and address prominently on your website to give Google the information it needs to rank you.

Optimise pages

Mobile search engine results pages are smaller in size, so keep your titles and meta descriptions as short and concise as possible. This will lead to increased visibility and improved click-through rates.

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