As the coronavirus crisis forces businesses to do their bit to curb the virus’s spread, such as by mandating their staff to work from home, there’s the lingering question of what should happen in the marketing department.

Here are just a few examples of how you could reallocate your firm’s promotional efforts.

Promote products rather than events

As more and more in-person events get cancelled en masse, it’s obviously not the most convenient time to publicise an upcoming conference or launch event. Of course, there might still be means of digitising those events – but in case not, transitioning into ecommerce could be a wise move.

Of course, we’ve all seen those photos of bare supermarket shelves that used to hold lots of toilet rolls – but soon, many people could be reticent about even leaving the house. It therefore makes sense to bring crucial supplies to them, rather than wait for them to visit you in person.

Provide practical advice on your blog

If your business is in the healthcare or wellness field, it could clearly stand to benefit from the pandemic. However, even if your company lacks obvious roots in either sector, there might remain ways for you to provide coronavirus-busting advice on your company’s blog.

Perhaps a tech retailer could advise its customers on how to sanitise their devices’ screens, or a food seller could point out which of its offerings are capable of boosting immunity. Some topics could benefit from video tutorials, while punchy and precise text might suffice for other subjects.

Don’t worry if you aren’t the most adept writer. Our team of copywriters can pen those blog posts for you – and in the process, help both you and your followers to contend with the coronavirus storm. Just phone us on 020 8089 4404 to learn more about how we can help.