Spending money on advertising naturally incurs a certain amount of risk, as there’s no guarantee that your expenditure will translate into conversions. However, you can at least minimise that risk when you implement a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising model like that of Google Ads.

This is because, with Google Ads, you can carefully tailor your campaigns to make sure they reach more people especially inclined to click on your ads. This also helps to explain why you can increase your campaigns’ reach while actually reining in their cost – such as through following these tips…

Improve your quality score

Your quality score (QS) basically reflects the quality of the experience people get when they click on your ads. Hence, to drive up that score, make sure that your ads are relevant to both the landing page they lead to and the keywords that, used in a search query, have led those ads to appear.

Bid for highly targeted keywords

This works because such keywords, like phrase and exact match keywords highly relevant to your specific product or service, won’t be attracting as many bids as broader keywords. Hence, they will be cheaper to advertise on – and, besides, their super-relevance can spur higher click-through rates.

Be strategic with your bidding

Yes, there are many automated approaches to bidding these days, but you don’t have to relinquish control of your bidding entirely. When you do bid manually, though, be wary of assuming that increasing your bid is a sure-fire way of reaching optimum performance.

This is a myth, basically; if you want to attract valuable clicks, rather than simply more clicks, you should get your bid as close to the average PPC as possible without hindering performance. Our expertise with Google Ads means that we could unlock yet more value for your campaigns.