Many of us can probably relate to the experience of spending what feels like just a few minutes on social media before realising that, actually, we have lost an hour or so to it. 

That’s just how engrossing social media in general can be – and hints at why your own business should not only be on it but also focus on perfecting the customer service it provides through it. 

Discern which social networks your customers use

There are plenty of different social media sites out there, from long-established players like Facebook and Twitter to rising stars like TikTok. 

Reassuringly, though, your business doesn’t need to have its own customer service arm on every single one of those platforms – just the ones where your firm’s target audience gather.  

Maintain a consistent tone of voice across various platforms

Whatever social media platforms you do choose for entrenching your brand’s social media presence, you should make sure that anyone who posts material through the brand’s social accounts is familiar with the company voice and follows it in exchanges with other social media users. 

Nonetheless, you should always treat customer complaints with due sensitivity – even if your brand voice is usually humorous and eccentric. 

Always respond quickly to comments

On the subject of customer complaints, responding to them quickly can immeasurably help you to diffuse tension they risk sparking. 

However, as your company should also reply promptly to friendly questions and comments posted on its social media pages, you should make sure representatives can reply right around the clock – or at least during hours of availability specified on the social page itself.  

If you’re struggling to continuously monitor your corporate social media accounts, you could offload some of that responsibility to our social media marketing specialists, who can also, in your brand’s name, post strategically to those accounts.