The increasing popularity of mobile devices for use in conducting web searches will have a myriad of fresh implications in the future – one of which is the rising use of virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now. Like a robot servant, a virtual assistant can address various queries the user has about local companies – but how could that change SEO?

Virtual assistants: changing the way we search

There are many ways in which a virtual assistant can help a user find a suitable business. For example, the user could want to buy some flowers for their partner, and so ask the assistant to list details of local florists. Or perhaps the user could be eager to see the new Star Wars film, and so calls on the assistant to cite screening times at nearby cinemas.

As more people cotton on to this way of searching, your business should take account of the change and do what it can to make itself easier for virtual assistants to notice and recommend to their users.

How your business could react – with our help

You could start 2016 with extensive search-friendly online advertising, such as through Google AdWords, to better the chances of Android assistant Google Now recommending your business as “popular in your area”. You could also better optimise your company’s website for the search engine Bing, as this is used by both Cortana and Siri for bringing up search results. Turn to Jumping Spider Media, and we can suggest further useful strategies.