As LinkedIn can be basically described as a business-oriented social media website and reportedly has over 259 million users globally, the idea of using the website for your own company must seem like a no-brainer. However, what you might not think so obvious is how you could carefully use it to improve your company’s online reputation. Below is a simple little tip, but you can make use of it before moving onto the next level through turning to reputation management services from Jumping Spider Media.

Make sure that you are good with words

LinkedIn operates a lot like a search engine, in the sense that people who use it can type keywords into it before the website provides a list of results. Therefore, you should be careful with what exact keywords are used on your LinkedIn profile. There are particular keywords that could not only make it easier for LinkedIn searchers to come across your profile, but also give your company a more favourable image for potential customers and potential employees. You could, for example, use keywords like “delicious” or “nutritious” if your business offers food. Alternatively, if your company sells clothes, it could use keywords such as “colourful” and “variety of sizes”.