It isn’t easy to build a follower base quickly on any reputable social media site, Instagram included. However, there remain some things you can do to accelerate the process and leave yourself with a large audience ready for your promotional material on this popular image-based platform. 

Post often and consistently

If you don’t, you can’t expect to either stay in people’s minds for long or sufficiently incentivise those people to become followers of your Instagram page. As you post more often, you can spur more engagement in the form of likes, comments and new followers.

Build your Instagram feed into your website

When your brand’s Instagram feed is embedded into your website’s design, many of the site’s visitors will naturally see some of your Instagram content. This will hopefully be good enough to entice at least some of these visitors into following for more. 

A plugin like Small Balloon Instagram Feed can help you integrate your Instagram feed into your site without needing to insert a single line into your site’s code. 

Encourage your followers to create content recommending your offerings

This content would be technically known as “user-generated content” – and you can give your fans a reason to create it if you hold a competition or start a new hashtag.

This strategy can work well because user-generated content is inherently trustworthy – as, coming from a customer rather than the business, it will not come across as simply soulless marketing spiel. 

Post at the right times

Our social media marketers can help you determine when those “right” times are, as the situation can differ between brands. Once you do know those times, though, you will know when you should start posting Instagram content to help your brand attract more engagement and consequently, followers.

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