One of the key rules of successful SEO is regularly posting fresh and interesting content, as this strategy certainly draws Google’s notice. Unfortunately, though, in your efforts to adhere to this rule with your website, you might struggle to keep coming up with ideas you haven’t already covered.

That’s when you could benefit from digging deep into your archive of past content and seeing how you could retell some of it in a way that looks – especially to Google – new. This kind of recycling is easier than you might think; here are some ideas of how to make it work. 

Read through your existing content carefully

Let’s say you find a particularly interesting article or video that you originally wrote back in 2014. Your writing or video-shooting skills may have improved since then – in which case, various issues with the original content might, to your eyes, suddenly stand out like a sore thumb.

That’s ultimately a good thing, because by recreating the content now, you can put right those historical wrongs and perhaps even refer to topical issues, like Brexit, that weren’t a “thing” the last time around.

Find new formats for your old content

Maybe one piece of content of yours that you still think of fondly is a short video, but you can see how you could go into more depth on the same subject with an article. After all, not everyone might have the patience to download or watch an overly lengthy video on, say, a complex technical subject.

If you aren’t an adept writer, don’t worry – our digital copywriters here at Jumping Spider Media can handle the writing part. Just phone us on 020 3070 1959 to learn exactly how they could help you by putting all of the right words in the right place, without duplicating any text and consequently provoking Google’s ire.