Tumblr is far from the most obvious social media site on which to have a business presence, with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn invariably ranking first in that regard. The attractions of this micro-blogging platform to businesses are obvious, however.

Why you might say ‘yes’…

The site is extremely easy to use, for one thing, with images, video, audio and small amounts of written content being a breeze to blog and reblog. It also has a real youth appeal – almost half of the more than 34 million global Internet users claiming to actively use the platform each month are aged between 16 and 24.

...and why you might not

Tumblr lends itself to more frequent posting in order to sustain users’ interest. Your business might get by on just one or two Facebook or Twitter posts a day – indeed, more than that tends to put users of those networks off – but you might not attract too many followers of your brand on Tumblr unless you are posting 10 to 15 times per day.

Posts on Tumblr also tend to get viewed and reblogged for a while, so it’s not really the place to share breaking news or anything that will go out of date before the day is out. Oh, and the site is also known for its adult content, something that may not fit in with the intended dignity of your brand.

So… is Tumblr a goer?

As ever, you’ll need to make your own decision on whether a Tumblr presence would be right for your business – and you will need to make that decision as well-informed as possible. Talk to Jumping Spider Media about this subject if you are in any doubt.