The online spaces that we inhabit have clearly changed considerably in recent years. Even the very notion of “surfing the web” might seem a bit antiquated, given that many of us no longer move directly from one website to the next, clicking link after link to discover new content.

Instead, you’re probably more likely to have one or two consistent social media feeds – such as on Facebook or Twitter – and use those to click through to news stories, memes and updates from friends, family and strangers alike. You might then follow this by looking back to your social feed and starting that whole process again, waiting for another link, image or video to catch your eye.

In short, we just don’t engage with the Internet in 2020 in quite the same way as we did. We’re no longer in the days of early MySpace. Social media streams these days are their own self-contained ecosystems, where you can consume content, buy products, take advantage of special promotions and so on, without necessarily ever clicking through to a brand’s main website.

But old-fangled websites aren’t redundant just yet!

Maybe the above is making you wonder whether you could get away with not having a website for your brand at all. Perhaps you could cope by effectively basing your business solely on social media?

To alert yourself as to why that might not be the wisest course of action, ask yourself where the likes of Bebo and Vine are now, to cite just a few long-gone former social media giants. You may even look to much more recent history, in the form of the spat between TikTok and the US government that has thrown the future of the fast-growing video-sharing app into question.

The fact is that even the most dominant and influential social media platform is still, in effect, a rented space for your brand, rather than land that you own. For the strong, long-lasting foundations of the latter, your business still needs its own website.

So, don’t see your firm’s website and its social media activity as being in some sort of competition with each other. Instead, regard them as two sides of one, harmonious and potent whole. Your website and social network presence should go hand-in-hand to provide a single, consistent and impactful customer experience.

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