More and more, your company’s blog is playing an integral role in its success or failure. After all, this is the chance for potential customers to see a little more of your firm’s human face, behind the formality of your main website. But is it really doing the job it should?

If your company blog is looking tired and needs a re-launch, consider creating an editorial calendar, whereby you plan what kind of content is posted at what time of year. You could plan themed posts around the New Year, Valentine’s, Christmas… while still giving yourself the freedom to comment on breaking news items at short notice, should you need to.

Or what about varying the authors on your blog? Don’t struggle trying to write every blog post. Instead, ask those in various departments of your company to chip in ideas. Then, get one of Jumping Spider Media’s crack writers to fashion that expertise into something readable and engaging that gives your executives the status of thought leaders, with credibility in their field.

Don’t be afraid to link to your blog from your social media pages and vice versa, to really get people sharing, liking and commenting on your content. Also use a program like Google Analytics to monitor what posts are getting traffic, and which ones aren’t.

Such techniques are all to the end of attracting and retaining new customers – which is, after all, why you have a company blog at all.