It doesn’t matter what structure your site has, or even what industry it caters for – if you have designs on a continued strong showing in the organic search engine rankings, then you really need to demonstrate your site’s continued relevance by having its content updated on a regular basis by the right SEO provider.

Why is this so? Well, SEO providers like Jumping Spider Media know that search engine spiders are concerned with finding the most up-to-date information, not least as this will maximise the relevance of the results that a search engine provides in response to a user’s particular query. After all, it is relevance to the human user that search engines are driven by, above all else.

When you are running an online business, there are so many changes that can take place that can impact on its relevance to the human user right here, right now. Who, after all, wants to be directed to an online store that has that product that they have long been searching for, only to discover that its price has been markedly increased or it has gone out of stock? Similarly, a blog that is devoted to the latest industry news may not have been touched for a while, again making it practically useless to the end user.

Target Humans & Spiders!

So, in summary, there are two main groups that SEO providers must please when they are providing your site with fresh content – the search engine spiders and human users. Both groups play a key role in determining your ultimate online revenues, and as a consequence, ultimately go hand-in-hand when SEO providers are producing new content for your website.

By having high quality and relevant content continually added to your site by SEO provider Jumping Spider Media, you can therefore really build your company’s brand, establishing yourself as a company that can be depended upon not only for the highest standard of relevant products and services, but also for all of the associated industry news, information and advice.

Our team of copywriters here at SEO provider Jumping Spider Media are trained in copywriting, journalism and research, and provide a highly effective service for maintaining your site’s relevance to the search engines that also encompasses press release writing, newsletter writing and even the setting up and subsequent maintenance of Twitter accounts.

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