The process of search engine optimisation (SEO) is rarely likened to boxing, but this was the angle recently taken by Jeff Herbst, director of organic search for 2tor, during a presentation at the C3 conference in New York. Herbst particularly likened the gaining by businesses of the attention of potential customers online to the victory of an underdog in a prize fight. “SEO is Rocky Balboa”, Herbst declared, which hints at the value of Jumping Spider Media’s SEO services to many UK businesses.

During his speech, Herbst revealed what he dubbed the 12 rounds of SEO challenges, before explaining how, like the lead character of the much loved ‘Rocky’ film, SEO is an “undervalued fighter”. The 12 rounds could be summarised as involving: understanding the company’s needs; continually improving; knowing the competition; conducting short- and long-term planning; building a business case; aligning resources; taking on appropriate new staff; evangelizing internally; building customer engagement; aiming for long-term investments and payoffs; aiming for multi-channel marketing; and accepting the difficulty of keeping track of technological changes and advancements.

Through using the high quality and reliable SEO services available from Jumping Spider Media, many UK businesses can be assisted in crafting a SEO campaign which truly has the ‘eye of the tiger’.

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