In 2018, we saw a glimpse of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, as well as some major data breaches by Facebook. But what were the main trends of social media in 2018 and will they continue into 2019?

Chatbots made customer services a whole lot faster. No longer the robotic machines they once were, they provided an instant connection between businesses and customers on a global scale, solving numerous issues. A range of brands tested chatbots and, for the most part, they were successful – so much so that Facebook rolled them out to complete hundreds of tasks.

Live video

We also saw the introduction of Instagram’s very own video platform, IGTV. Whilst it may not yet trump YouTube, the number one image-sharing platform has managed to establish itself as a niche in the live video market. IGTV allows users to upload videos of up to one hour long whilst applying Instagram’s stickers and filters.

The trend of going live is set to continue well into 2019 too, as it’s a relatively new concept. The authenticity of live video is a great way to communicate with audiences who are sceptical of sales pitches and manipulation. Over 3.5 billion live videos have been streamed across Facebook, attracting more than 2 billion unique viewers – impressive figures that may continue to grow this year.

Tweaks to Twitter

As well as Instagram, Twitter also underwent something of a makeover with the addition of tweet bookmarks and news coverage. By partnering up with local news organisations, the app is now able to offer live coverage in addition to personalised news notifications. The private bookmark option allows users to flag tweets so they are able to go back to them – a much easier process than filtering through hundreds of likes.

It’s unlikely we will see any revolutionary changes to Twitter in 2019, but with artificial intelligence and augmented reality set to take off on a global scale, such changes aren’t necessary.

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