Optimising marketing campaigns for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, has become more popular recently. This shouldn’t overly surprise as, these days, it seems that practically everyone owns at least one of these devices. Furthermore, mobile marketing can be surprisingly effective; allow the team here at Jumping Spider Media to explain good reasons why.

You can make content easy to consume through mobile

Content that you regularly add to your company’s social media pages can be informative and fun to read, but remain relatively difficult to consume through mobile devices. As a result, this content can often simply be too easy for owners of mobile devices to ignore. 78% of Facebook users only access the social networking website through mobile devices, so your company can impress these people by optimising social media content for ready consumption through these devices.

How can you optimise social media content in this way?

Actually, you don’t even have to find an answer to that question, as Jumping Spider Media can undertake that optimisation on your company’s behalf. We employ web marketers with expert knowledge of what works and what doesn’t – and consider that, through optimisation for mobile, you can get ahead of many other companies before they, too, realise how effective it is.