At the end of last year, research firm eMarketer predicted that mobile will make up 76.7% of search spend by 2018. However, it has now unveiled a new prediction suggesting that 83% of marketing spend will be on mobile search. This is clear evidence that the online marketing industry looks certain to focus almost completely on mobile in the next few years.

Just three years ago, marketing firms were spending 87% on desktop search, with 12.9% going on mobile. It’s thought that marketers will spend $12.97 billion on search in 2015, 47.4% of all online marketing spending. This lends extra weight to the idea that more and more people are doing everything on mobile devices and turning their backs on desktops for good.

eMarketer also found that Google’s huge market share of the search market is starting to shrink, with companies like Yelp and YP making more ground than anyone had expected. Google is facing a challenge from the app market, with increasing amounts of mobile users searching in-app when they would have used their search engine if they were operating a desktop.

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