We think it’s safe to say that there’s been enough time for social media platforms to have reached a large enough scale for the major players to really start hitting their stride. It’s expected that the amount of time that users spend on their social media accounts will increase and if this is the case, it’s time for companies to start thinking about ways in which they can increase their audience with social media marketing.

For that reason, here are even more social media trends we’re expecting to see this year: 

Ad Growth

When social media platforms first began their highest priority was to build and establish a strong user base. Now that this has been achieved, this year we’ll see the same platforms shifting the majority of their concern to revenue and advertising. Don’t be surprised, therefore, if you start to see more sponsored and tailored adds popping up in your feeds.  

Interpersonal Reactions

With a huge amount of small businesses using social media to engage with their audiences, there has been an increased amount of brand-written content. Unsurprisingly, this has led to something that’s been dubbed by many as ‘brand fatigue’, and brands are now looking at ways that they can engage their desired audiences in different ways. Last year, Google began to emphasise local and interpersonal interactions so in 2018 it’s likely that a lot more of these smaller companies will begin reaching out to individuals on a more personal level.

A Focus on Generation Z

Goldman Sachs completed a recent study that concluded Generation Z is more valuable than millennials to a lot of organisations. Generation Z includes those that are roughly 22 years of age. Therefore those that are the most likely to be entering the labour force and will have a great deal of buying power for at least some time. Brands will start to shift their marketing efforts to suit this generation, such as promoting goods and services through sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

Augmented Reality

This year will mark the five year anniversary of Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses that promised to change how we interact with one another. Despite this being a flop, plenty of companies are now seeking to re-enter the AR race, and after a host of successful AR apps and an increase in sophisticated technology, 2018 might be the year that it finally takes off. If it becomes mainstream, we can almost 100% guarantee that social media will be one of the most popular uses for such technology, providing an entirely new marketing experience. 

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