When your business is under pressure to keep producing new content on its blog and therefore remain relevant in the eyes of Google’s spiders, you can end up basically writing about the same topic, time and time again.

Here at Jumping Spider Media, however, our crack writers certainly know how to create continually fresh and interesting blog content. Here are a few of the ways they do it.

Head to Google!

Of course, what could be more obvious than Googling for inspiration? However, our writers really know how to unearth the really interesting stuff that Google offers in your field.

We might look at the latest headlines relating to your industry in Google News, for example, before penning something entirely up-to-the-minute that also links seamlessly to your company’s actual products and services.

From social media to re-purchasing existing content

There are so many other great sources of inspiration for a blog post… like Twitter, where you can see what people truly think about a certain topic. An industry-relevant event, like a lecture or seminar, could also make a fine subject for a blog.

Even just reading the comments customers have made on your previous blog posts can throw up some interesting ideas. Or what about simply re-purposing old content in some way, such as in podcast, infographic or slideshow form? Remember to keep any statistics up to date, though.

Get in touch with Jumping Spider Media today to talk to our team about the great blog content that we can produce for your site.