Pointing out strange advertisements for entertainment purposes is nothing new; indeed, it has long been the aim of TV programmes like ‘Tarrant on TV’and many websites. However, such a website set up in August has a noteworthy twist: it is run by copywriters. The website, called ‘Terrible Copywriter’, is accessible through the web address http://terriblecopywriter.com/ and humorously points out many examples of the kind of advertising that Jumping Spider Media’s copywriting services can help companies to avoid.

The website describes itself in its debut blog post as “a blog by working copywriters that’s dedicated to exposing bad creative work”, describing that as “the stuff that gives advertising a label of distrust, a negative stigma, a bad name”. It pledges that “We’ll tell it straight but it’s probably what you’re already thinking”, before concluding the post with the declaration that, “By influencing a rise in creative standards, our hope is to make the world a better—more entertaining and less annoying—place to live in”.

Companies that wish to avoid in their own text copy the kind of advertising blunders pointed out by ‘Terrible Copywriter’ can do so with the assistance of the copywriting services available from Jumping Spider Media. Well-written web copy can be beneficial for not just your website’s users, but also its search engine rankings and, therefore, its online visibility and the overall Internet marketing campaign for your website.