As we at Jumping Spider Media have recently enthused, the AdWords mobile app is great for marketers wielding Android devices. Still, plenty of business owners prefer iPhones and iPads, and those devices had long been denied this wonderful app. Fortunately, the wait for Apple followers is now over, as Google has finally introduced an iOS version of the AdWords app.

AdWords allows a great deal of flexibility on the iOS platform

Now there’s no longer any need for these people to spend time starting up a PC or Mac just to check how their AdWords campaigns are faring. Instead, they can simply whip their iPhone from their pocket to monitor how many clicks their AdWords adverts are getting, tweak bids and budgets, and even contact an expert from Google. Plus, real-time alerts and notifications mean that, even when they aren’t actively keeping an eye on their AdWords campaigns, iPhone and iPad users can have matters relating to their billing and ad status quickly brought to their attention.

Hit the ground running with help from Google… and us!

The AdWords app is intended to make on-the-go marketing wonderfully simple. Nonetheless, if you’re still feeling a bit daunted, Google have accompanied the release of the iOS app with a new video that informs how to get started with the AdWords app – whether you’re an iOS or Android user – in under five minutes. And, of course, we at Jumping Spider Media are on hand to help you in bearing more fruit from your efforts with AdWords.