If you’ve began to have creeping doubts that PPC – that’s pay per click – is really the right step forward for your company’s promotional success, we only need to point you towards the results of a new study. According to this study, PPC campaigns have resulted in “really good” success for 78% of marketers this year. And that’s far from the only statistic strongly confirming that, far from being outdated, PPC is very much here to stay in 2015.

The favourable stats just keep coming

In fact, the effectiveness of PPC might even be increasing. It certainly is according to 60% of respondents in this study, who claim that PPC adverts have brought better returns for them than they did last year. Reportedly, text, remarketing and mobile PPC adverts have all been hits; for example, 90% of respondents considered text adverts the most crucial for PPC.

Nonetheless, the prospect of embarking on any PPC campaign could be daunting for many companies that have never tried it. If your company is one of them, turn to our PPC experts here at Jumping Spider Media. We are a friendly bunch and can appreciably boost your comfort with this particular form of online marketing.