Though we at Jumping Spider Media are proud of how we have helped various businesses to get the most out of Google’s online advertising service AdWords, we also know that some people reading this could be completely new to online advertising… to the extent where getting to grips with AdWords could still leave them feeling daunted. Those people can benefit from a gentler learning curve thanks to AdWords Express.

What is AdWords Express?

As Google explains, Adwords Express is a more automated version of its fully fledged AdWords service. As a result, much choice and functionality for users is stripped away – meaning that, while potentially too limited for veteran marketers, it could be just the ticket for promotional novices. With AdWords Express, they can simply choose their target audience, write three lines about their business and specify their budget. Google can then get on with posting the adverts through various platforms, such as search and Google Maps. No ongoing maintenance is necessary on the marketer’s part.

But would it be enough for your own company?

As many facets of Adwords Express are automated, you can free up more time to spend on other, non-promotional aspects of your business. However, if you are eager to spread the word about your business far beyond the local area, AdWords Express can simply feel too compromised. In many advanced cases like these, we would definitely recommend instead turning to our experts at Jumping Spider Media for a comprehensive solution utilising the much broader functionality of the full AdWords service.