While Twitter can seem like an obvious go-to tool for marketers, it’s very open nature means that the outcomes of tweets, however carefully crafted, can be rather messy and unexpected. For this reason, an array of new features outlined by Twitter at CES this month could intrigue marketers.

At this year’s outing for the Las Vegas-based trade show, Twitter revealed its intention to give users more options over how others can interact with their tweets. Want to narrow down the list of users who can reply to, or maybe even retweet, your tweets? There’s some promising news…

Your marketing campaigns could become even more targeted

That’s because, to the compose screen, Twitter plans to add a new “conversation participants” panel with the options Global, Group, Panel and Statement. Group will only allow replies from people the account follows and mentions, while Panel will limit reply functionality to people the tweet cites.

Statement will bar any replies at all to that tweet. Consequentially, if you already know your target audience, you can address tweets more directly to them without clogging up feeds of people who might only have fleeting interest in your offerings.

Could you even soon take retweets off the table?

Twitter didn’t reveal either way at CES. However, in November, Twitter’s VP of Design and Research, Dantley Davis, hinted that the ability to prevent retweets of specific tweets could indeed be on the way in 2020. If enacted, this function could prove a valuable weapon in reputation management.

If you put your foot in it with a particular tweet, blocking retweets could help to prevent that blunder from going viral. However, even today, companies on Twitter have various social media marketing and reputation management approaches at their disposal, as our own marketing experts can attest. You can reach them on 020 3070 1959.