Link building is an aspect of SEO marketing that feels like it has been around in some form since the onset of search engine optimisation itself, and its importance – even today – cannot be denied. However, it can also be a discipline seemingly shrouded in mystery, especially among online business owners that have never previously gone about trying to attract links back to their site.

Naturally, we can’t cover everything about such a multi-layered and complex field as link building in a single short blog post. That’s one reason why you might get in touch with Jumping Spider Media’s dedicated link building team!

Nonetheless, we can start giving you ideas about some of the proven ways for beginners to approach the building of backlinks, that aren’t necessarily overly difficult or costly. Here are three of our favourites.

Create profiles for your brand on social media sites

Hopefully, you’ll already be doing this anyway. But we can’t ignore it when talking about link building either, given how much Google loves social signals.

Whether your own brand is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or a combination of these or other platforms, the important thing is to use these sites organically – posting interesting and relevant content, engaging with your followers, and so on – to help build links and traffic.

Submit your website to high-quality and relevant directories

This is one to be careful with as a beginner, given that submitting one’s website to online directories – especially a large number of online directories that might not even be very relevant to what the submitting brand does – has a reputation as a spammy and outdated way of building links.

Even in 2021, though, putting your site forward for inclusion in directories hasn’t ceased to be effective as a link building strategy altogether. The key is simply to be very selective about what online directories you submit to, making sure you only choose the most relevant and high-quality ones in your field.

Requesting links where existing links may be broken

Many of us have had the experience of reading an interesting blog post online with a relevant link to another site – citing a statistic, for example – only for us to click on it, and realise that the link only goes to a 404 page. Wouldn’t it be great, then, if your own brand could step into that gap?

Significant numbers of online business owners have made an art out of doing precisely this. It could be as straightforward a process for you as using a tool like Google Analytics to find pages that have broken links, before reaching out to the publishing site with a personalised email, asking if they could replace that broken link with a suitable link of yours.

Everyone is potentially a winner from this process – the site that gets to replace their unnoticed broken link with a newer and functioning one, as well as, of course, your brand.

As we stated above, link building can be a complicated field, and there are certainly much more advanced techniques to be aware of than those we have outlined here. So, why not enquire to Jumping Spider Media’s own experts today, to learn about how we can help elevate your brand’s link building approach and effectiveness?