We wouldn’t try to deny that SEO can be a very strange beast – even the term “search engine optimisation” can elicit confusion, given how jargon-heavy it looks. However, as our digital marketing consultancy is here to tell you what really works, we might as well bust a few myths.

If you have been largely building your SEO strategy on the back of the following myths, it’s time to change tack – and we can reveal what procedures you should follow to do exactly that.

Prioritising quantity over quality in content

It can be tempting to tip a metaphorical truckload of content onto particular webpages out of a belief that more content would stand a better chance of being picked up by the search engines.

However, those search engines are actually geared towards rewarding sites with high quality, rather than simply quantity, in their content. This is a big reason to trim overabundant text on webpages.

Linking strictly from keyword phrases

Insisting on using only keyword phrases – like “plumbing in Norfolk” or “Manchester roofing company” – in all of your site’s textual links can risk the page looking spammy. You can avoid leaving this impression by placing links primarily where the site’s users would be especially inclined to click on them.

Thinking that there are definite dos and don’ts in SEO

Yes, this point seems ironic in light of the tips we have just given. However, it bears emphasis because the point of SEO is to garner positive attention from search engines – and, though it is generally known how firms can do this, they can never be entirely certain.

This is due to the secrecy and uncertainty that generally surround search engine algorithms – but our SEO experts can still steer you in the right direction for sustained results.