Though Google is secretive about the precise composition of its “secret sauce”, this hasn’t prevented the search giant making occasional announcements about algorithmic changes to its search product. Recently, Google has announced that mobile sites will be prioritised over desktop ones for indexing.

You need to have a mobile style

Those mobile versions of sites will also have priority for ranking – meaning that, if your site isn’t carefully crafted to deliver hassle-free experiences on mobile, it could soon fall down the rankings. However, this policy shift by Google has evidently been a long time coming.

Last November, Google started lowering the rankings of sites that weren’t mobile-optimised. As a result, many companies saw a significant hit to their organic traffic, which had a knock-on effect in terms of their sales, too. Google’s new move could send those rankings declining yet further.

It’s just a matter of time

Given that, these days, many of us effectively have a computer in our pockets, it shouldn’t surprise that Google has readjusted its algorithm accordingly. Indeed, for several years now, mobile devices have been used more often than desktop computers for web browsing.

Therefore, don’t make your site’s visitors have to work unnecessarily hard. For example, slash load times; you need to capture a visitor’s attention in just 9 seconds. If your site currently isn’t mobile-optimised, you have a choice of remedies for this…

The open source, Google-originated Accelerated Mobile Pages project could help your site to transition into mobile-friendly form. However, though it could lower your site’s loading speeds, treat it as a short-term fix rather than a long-term solution.

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