It’s one thing to get all of those off-site SEO components – such as link building – right. But it’s quite another thing to ensure that your on-site SEO – pertaining to everything that is on your actual website – is delivering the best possible results. In the spirit that many small things added together can make a big difference, here are some of our favourite quick on-site SEO tips.

A quick quiz: what’s the most important information on your webpage from an SEO perspective? The answer:the information in your page title tag. You might not have realised that pages tend to rank higher when their title tags start with a keyword, rather than the keyword being left until the middle or end. It’s also important to boost the SEO-friendliness of your permalink URLs, by keeping them short and full of keywords relating to your business.

What else could we recommend for on-site SEO? Make sure that your articles feature outbound links – the more authoritative the site to which you link, the better, as this will enhance your page’s Google ranking. You will also enjoy a higher ranking if your page’s ‘bounce rate’ – the tendency for people to visit, only to immediately leave your site – is kept low. To this end, give your site visitors plenty of video and images alongside your text to engage them, and also do everything you can to minimise loading times.

There’s so much more that you can do to boost your web pages’ SEO fortunes – and Jumping Spider Media can give you advice and services perfectly tailored to your own company’s situation.