No, not “FFFIIIGGGHHHTTT!” In truth, it’s a difficult dispute to settle, and would be even with a silly clash at Harry Hill’s behest. Besides, we’re not sure how much the floppy-collared comedian knows about Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, of which paid search and paid social each form a major part.

With search, your paid-for ads are being placed near search listings – while, with social, they are listed on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Which of these PPC approaches you should utilise will depend on your particular objectives, but it’s not a simple – or permanent – decision.

Want quick results? Go for search advertising

As your search ads will only appear when someone is searching for a specific something you offer, they are already inclined to buy it – you just need to convince them to buy it from you. There’ll be competition, of course, but people tend to only search for something when they need it quickly.

By contrast, social ads aren’t quite as intent-based, as social media users are likely more interested in simply catching up with friends than considering your offering.

How social ads can feed into your firm’s long-term growth

While it’s great to get people buying from your company quickly, those people will likely be drawn more to the product or service itself rather than your brand. Therefore, targeting just those people could hamper your long-term success. For that success, you should focus on building a brand.

That’s where paid social can help. On social, people want to form connections – not just with individuals but with brands, too. Therefore, social ads can help to strengthen your brand.

Ultimately, though, neither search nor social is the “better” all-round PPC solution. You get optimum results from integrating both, and our Pay Per Click experts can show you how.