If you’re thinking about hiring an SEO expert to help improve your brand and generate leads from your site, here are some questions that are well worth asking.  

Have you worked with an SEO agency before?

The more detail you can provide to this question, the better. It might be worth checking with your past SEO agencies to see if they’ll give you some insight. Questions might include:

What strategies were put in place?

What results did you achieve?

Why are you no longer working with your past agency?

Do you still have access to the tools that were previously used?

Just because you’ve worked with another company before doesn’t mean that a new agency won’t be willing to work with you. They will want to know what went wrong so that any past issues can be smoothed out.

What does your SEO currently look like?

Your SEO history is one of the best ways to identify which strategies used in the past provided the best results. For this, they’ll need to know basic information such as how long your site has been up and running and what content is regularly published on your site. It is also worth providing them with an up to date SEO audit to check for link profiles and allow them to look at your site’s core files to check your code. Again, the more detail you can give them the better.

What is your marketing strategy?

Yes, SEO is important, but this is only one part of your larger marketing strategy. Your new agency will need to know what else they will be taking over; usually, these are things such as your PPC accounts and your social media. Perhaps your strategy is aimed at generating a certain type of lead, or you may be looking to highlight certain keywords to improve your pay-per-click campaigns. In turn, this will allow you to identify your specific objectives.

What is your budget?

Once all of your objectives have been figured out, you’ll need to consider how much money you’re willing to spend on SEO over the next year or so. Think about how much you previously spent, was this too much or too little? How much is this expected to increase over the next few years?

How does your brand stand out?

Brand image and the unique selling points of your product or service are important to SEO. These will define the keywords you need to target, the content you need to post and the audience you’re trying to attract. Your SEO agency will need to know all of this so that they can establish a tone of voice for your strategy. At the same time, they’ll need to be aware of who your competitors are and where you differ from them.

Avoid any agency that fails to ask these questions, as its likely that they’ll be unable to maintain or improve your current SEO rankings, causing your business to falter.