If your exploits in SEO are relatively nascent and your business isn’t much older, you could easily feel despondent when you start reading about what works and what doesn’t work in SEO. How are you supposed to compete with large firms that have already built up links and goodwill in abundance?

No, the answer isn’t to simply buy your links – these days, that’s a direct ticket to getting blacklisted by Google. That’s the last thing a little-known firm like yours needs – but if your online reputation is clean, you can steadily build its prominence by adhering to the following tips.

“Patience you must have, my young Padawan”

Yoda would’ve made a good SEO guru – as, even if you have excellent content in place, it can take something like six months to a year for your SEO efforts to start bearing fruit. However, to give yourself a head-start, decide what your target customers seek; then, post content to suit. 

Focus on addressing niche concerns

Chances are that when setting up your company, you gave its mission a unique twist to set your business out from the competition. For example, rather than just selling, say, screen protectors, you might specialise in ones that limit how much harmful blue light is emitted from a device’s display.

Therefore, your content could touch on niche, related questions like “Why is the blue light of smartphone screens harmful?” or “Why shouldn’t I use my tablet late at night?” (The answer: that pesky blue light could hamper your ability to sleep soundly!)

Additionally, partnering with a marketing firm that has honed its skills in creating SEO-friendly content can give your start-up an edge on similarly little-established competitors. It’s like being a novice tennis player, but having Andy Murray as your coach – just imagine how your confidence would be boosted!