Jumping Spider Media, as a digital marketing company, understands that SEO can never be a quick fix. Chances are your SEO provider has told you many a time that search engine optimisation is all about the long game; take your foot off the digital marketing pedal and you’ll fall quickly behind your online competitors. Here at Jumping Spider Media we admit that we sing from the same hymn sheet: you have to invest and engage in SEO over the long-term. While it may be frustrating for companies to hear this when they need to drive traffic and sales or enquiries fast, the fact remains that this is simply how SEO works, and no SEO provider in the industry has any control over that. In this article, Jumping Spider Media looks at why SEO should not be viewed as a short-term solution.

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is the arena for you if you are looking for a quick route to generate traffic and sales, but of course this comes with a price tag that can be considerable. SEO is far cheaper by comparison: free, if you have the time and in-house skills and resources to optimise your site. Even if you hire a digital marketing company or SEO provider to handle your organic optimisation for you, the fee is far lower than the cost invested into most PPC campaigns.

Then there’s the consideration that nearly 80% of searchers use only the organic listings and not the paid adverts. Even if you are happy to pour your investment into PPC (and for some companies this can be the best route), are you happy to give away potential revenue to your online competitors who have high organic rankings as well as paid ads? We doubt it.

So you’ve realised the importance of engaging with SEO but you’re used to the quick fix of pay-per-click advertising. Or perhaps your sales have slumped and you are looking for a digital magic bullet to generate revenue; you know front page listings will help, but you need to get them fast! At the risk of repetition, the fact remains that SEO is all about longevity. You may need high rankings in the SERPS fast, but this simply cannot happen using white hat techniques, and getting there using black hat methods will ultimately see you tumble from ranking to oblivion, at times never to return.

SEO can never be seen as a last-ditch attempt to drive traffic or sales. Neither is it simply the latest internet fad that your webmaster assures you will convert to real sales. Search engine optimisation is a long-term plan that should be viewed as essential as a forward-thinking marketing strategy. The internet is going nowhere and search marketing is now a must for any business, big or small, that wants to survive. When it comes to SEO, invest, engage, be consistent and keep your foot on the pedal and you will see the results you need.