LinkedIn is a great online website that can be used to promote your business, your company’s ethos and values, the skilled individuals you hire and all the important work you do. Using LinkedIn can keep you in the competition amongst other businesses as more and more people are looking at LinkedIn to get a sense of someone’s company and thus form opinions about it. Here are a couple of ways that LinkedIn can be used to promote your business.

You can create a company profile

You should promote your business on LinkedIn by first creating a company profile. This will be the main page where customers, future employees and competitors will go to first when looking up your business online. It is important to create a good first impression, so make your company profile standout and honest.

Participate with groups and individuals

Participating with groups and talented individuals on LinkedIn will help your business gain attention. Promoting your business through others is an easy and highly effective tool. It can also benefit those you participate with. Always take part in any discussions going on as your photo and company name will show up. Add your company details for an added promotion and you’re all set!

Post job opportunities

Posting job opportunities on LinkedIn is a great way to gain traction and attention. LinkedIn is great for spreading the word about new opportunities and jobs. Your business will also be promoted as a result. If gaining new employees while also promoting your business sounds interesting, check out this LinkedIn article about the 6 ways to promote jobs, it has some useful tips about company image and sponsored posts.

Use it as a platform for status updates

Using LinkedIn for status updates is a great way to spread your business successes and activities with others on LinkedIn. You can even offer special deals or tips which can promote your business in a professional way. 

You can ask for recommendations

Asking other individuals, customers or companies to leave testimonial feedback is a great tool of LinkedIn. It allows others to see your business through other people’s perspectives and perceptions. This is a great marketing technique that can promote your business greatly.